Over 100 Android Apps Found with Adware that Harm End-users

The number of Android apps found with adware in the Google Play store increased nearly fourfold in between 2012 and 2014. Make no mistake in this regard, there is such a thing as Android adware, cyber criminals create applications with adware spreading in the cumbersome, attempts to advertisers, steal personal data and use it as a marketing channel bundling aggressive advertising applications. In the first case, the safety of mobile users is clearly compromised. In the second, rarely do as ad-mentioned application, so users who download without knowing it face a threat to mobile privacy. Auto-rooting adware is a disturbing fact in Android apps found with adware and malware ecosystem in which the roots of the device automatically changes as the user installs it, it is embedded as a system app, and it becomes almost impossible to remove. Adware, which traditionally has been used to aggressively push ads, now is becoming sophisticated and Trojanized. This is a new trend of adware and alarming that. Whenever an end user starts an application, the above information is loaded back into the command and control server the attacker with the nickname of the application. At the same time, the malicious application asks for instructions. The malicious program tells the end user to end infected more applications for displaying pop-up ads that claim to be notifications alert device problems, in particular the battery destroyed. Ads that claim to be notifications victims commonly lead adware associated applications. There are perhaps more associated malware in such applications

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More than 20,000 samples of Android apps found with adware as legitimate major applications, including Facebook, Candy Crush,, New York Times, Snapchat, Okta, Google Now, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others apps. Whereas the Android handsets are very secure out of the box, for many users like to take additional steps to protect against viruses and malware on your phone or tablet. If you are vigilant and not install applications from unknown sources (outside app stores like Google Play or Amazon) it is likely to never have any problem with the bad software. To help ease your mind, however, there are many antivirus apps available for Android that will give you that extra layer of security in case. Not only do these antivirus for Android applications are on the system software and new applications you can install but also offer features such as remote wipe and phone finder should be lost or stolen your device. After you have downloaded applications is essential that one does from a legitimate store applications; That means companies like Google PlayStore, Amazon, Samsung, or other manufacturer or principal supplier.

These markets are monitored and analyzed for potentially dangerous or fraudulent programs. Sometimes, however, malicious applications sometimes slip through the cracks, often disguised as legitimate. A false application BBM recently appeared in the Google Play store and managed to get more than 100,000 downloads before being eliminated. The Android apps found with adware was nothing more than a service spamming. The system of command and control (C & C) may be asked to show ads through the section of the notification, through the interstitial pop through the notification bar, as an alternative to creating shortcuts on the main screen of the user final. Pop-up windows shortcuts and web links within the end user’s browser will be prepared, the Facebook app and Google Play Store

Android Apps Found with Adware have some common symptoms :

  • Collect your daily activities or your information saved inside the phone and send to the third-party
  • It will automatic subscribe the infected phone to unknown premium service
  • Record your contact lists, your conversations and sen them to hackers
  • Send SMS or MMS through your phone
  • Install many other adware applications
  • Display a push notification all over you phone screen
  • The hacker will take control over your phone
  • On the phone home screen a new adware icon can get added

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