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The number of Android apps found with adware in the Google Play store increased nearly fourfold in between 2012 and 2014. Make no mistake in this regard, there is such a thing as Android adware, cyber criminals create applications with adware spreading in the cumbersome, attempts to advertisers, steal personal data and use it as a marketing channel bundling aggressive advertising applications. In the first case, the safety of mobile users is clearly compromised. In the second, rarely do as ad-mentioned application, so users who download without knowing it face a threat to mobile privacy…. Read Article →

Canon is one of the most popular brands in digital camera and it is running from a long term. There are a number of canon digital camera has been launched with latest features and technology. As you know how the importance of photos are increasing in our life. In some situations we lost our important pictures due to various reasons. If you are using Canon digital camera and suffering from image missing or lost situations, then don’t worry, because Canon Digital Camera Pictures Recovery is now Possible with Cr2 Recovery Software that has been launched… Read Article →

Top Five New iPhone Games

The craze of iPhones, smartphones, iPads and other gadgets are increasing day by day. Game and interesting applications are highly responsible for it. There are so many attractive games and applications are available in OS based phone that you want to play. Daily some latest updates about smartphone games and applications are available. These are top five new iPhone games that you can play for great fun. Miitomo Miitomo is the funniest social messaging application that has been launched on 31st March 2016. This application is available for iOS and Android devices like iPhones, iPads,… Read Article →

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