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Tips To Repair Corrupted PST Files Hola, He estado usando mi Outlook desde hace mucho tiempo y es un destacado. Sin embargo, anoche he descargado un juego de carreras y empecé a jugar el juego. Funcionó bien al principio, pronto se bloqueó la aplicación y dejó de funcionar. Mientras tanto, la aplicación de Outlook también se abrió en el fondo. Después de un tiempo me di cuenta de que los archivos PST de Outlook ha ido corrompido de mi ordenador. Así que chicos, ¿hay alguna manera de reparar archivos de Outlook PST archivos, si alguien… Read Article →

Mazar malware Can Wipe Your Andriod Phone Recently lots of Android user are facing an unknown problem on their phones. The cyber experts have research about the problem and finally found that the problem is created by a new type of Android infection namely Mazar malware. This infection the main reason behind all the problem which Android phone user have face recently. Actually Mazar malware is new king of threats which generally spread through text message to reach and every Android phone. According to report the security company established at Danish has attempt to spread… Read Article →

Remove Viruses From Android Device

There are number of Android applications infected with a malware in Google’s Play store nearly quadrupled between 2012 to 2014. Although, make no mistake about it, there is such a thing as Android malware, cyber crooks which create the malware spreading applications in devious attempts to steal users personal details and advertisers use it as a marketing channel by bundling phishing advertisements with apps. In the first case, the users device security is clearly compromised. In the second one, the ad-application bundle is seldom mentioned, so the users who download it unknowingly face a phone… Read Article →

As we all know, Android OS is the most popular OS for smartphones in the world. There are million and million people are using android device. Everyday thousands of android mobile apps being developed, some of them are very useful and rest are useless, has only one goal to earn profits by infecting your android device. Unknown source apps play very important role in infecting android smartphones. If your phone is already infected you have two option either you need to do factory reset and loss your data or you can save your personal data… Read Article →

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