4 Smartphone Threats -How to Secure Your Phone

Smartphone et sécuritéThis is the world of technologies, where every single person is using either one or more than one devices like smartphone, laptop, tablet or mobile. They use it everyday in their lives. I know you also own a device so that you are able to visit our site and reading the article, don’t you? I guess, you must know criminal hackers are taking advantages of our casualties. They have created a huge numbers of virus and tricks to infect our devices for their own personal benefits. So, we just can’t stop them, I guess none can but we the people can change ourselves. We can change our habits and we can keep safe our sensitive data and phone as well. I hope this post will be helpful to you!

4 Harmful Smartphone Threats -How to Keep Your Phone Safe

Threat from SMS

Hackers may send you text messages containing fake offers or information such as “Congratulations -you have won $50,000 in coca-cola Lucky Draw. Call 012342489890 to claim it or text “CLAIM” to 99999”. Once you call them, they will ask collect your confidential information and later, they use it against you. Those numbers call charges also will be too costly. We suggest, do not call them and do not share any personal informations.

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Wireless Security Risks

On some popular places you may find free Wi-Fi network available to use. If you connect that wireless network, hackers will gain remote access to your smartphone and steal all of yours sensitive data like images, videos, documents, login details of your accounts etc. that will be used against you. They might blackmail you or miss-use your data. So be cautious and do not connect to public unprotected networks.

Location-based Threat

There are many social apps that use your current location and make it visible to the public. Suppose, a criminal is planning to assault you or use your absence to break into your house or steal your vehicles, if they knew your current location, they will get success. Lose will be yours. So, do not share your current location to the public.

The Danger of Rogue App

There are countless malicious apps are all over the Internet. That can invade your smartphone and miss-use your confidential information. We recommend you to install apps from official stores. That might help you to keep your phone safe from malicious apps.

Therefore, we recommend you to install highly effective Antivirus in your smartphone. There are a huge numbers of threats that you should be aware of, always be cautious. Do not participate in malicious actives. Once you recognize any threat, you should remove that immediately.

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