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This world has become highly technical and so the number of technology are increasing day by day. Cyber spy or web criminals uses many of such technology to invade computers as well as mobile phone by introducing harmful malware parasites. With the increase in technology, PC threats are also rapidly increasing each day, number of new users are being attacked by such infections. Well, several people asks about how these infection gets slipped into any computer. Our team members have done research about it and found that there are several way which are responsible for… Read Article →

backup your iPhone data

We all are aware from Apple company and of its product like iPod, iPad, Mac OS and yes the famous iPhone smartphones. We all know that how popular iPhone is among the smartphone users present across the world. There have a tremendous change in iPhone features from the first release of iPhone 1 to the latest iPhone SE. With every new model of iPhone, the developers of the iPhone introduce new and advanced feature for the iPhone users. Sometime the advance feature can lead your data to get corrupt and lost in that situation you… Read Article →

Mac is one of the best operating system which has been developed by Apple Inc. There are many versions of Mac which are available such as Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger “ , Mac OS X v10.1, ,Mac OS X v10.0 ,”Cheetah”Mac OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard “ etc . It comes with several advanced features and user-friendly interface. It proides space to save huge amount of files, data, documents, Images etc. It allows the users to store their files in systematic and well organized manner. Sometimes, users accidentally deletes their important files while accessing… Read Article →

If you want to stop pop-up ads on Android, then this is the exact place for you. These days Android Smartphones are most popular in the world. There are such an interesting apps and games are available in Android, this is the reason behind the popularity of it. Now a days various applications of smartphones are laced with adware programs and other harmful threats that generate pop-up while playing games or working with other applications. This is the bad symptoms for mobile users, because we save various important things in our Phones like contacts, messages,… Read Article →

Reddit apps for iOS and Android, Reddit officially confirmed that they are launching there first ever apps for Android and iOS. However, only few users of the selected countries can able to download this apps like US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Other countries users can also download this new apps but they have to wait for few more months. Reddit is a news website, entertainment platform, social news networking service in which enrolled association member can submit their content, such as direct links and text posts. This type of content make it a essential online… Read Article →

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