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Mazar malware Can Wipe Your Andriod Phone Recently lots of Android user are facing an unknown problem on their phones. The cyber experts have research about the problem and finally found that the problem is created by a new type of Android infection namely Mazar malware. This infection the main reason behind all the problem which Android phone user have face recently. Actually Mazar malware is new king of threats which generally spread through text message to reach and every Android phone. According to report the security company established at Danish has attempt to spread… Read Article →

Recently, from last few days not being able to surf or access on to the installed web browsers on my Android mobile. As this has put me into a big problem that has blocked me from performing any of the online tasks within the web browsers. After scanning of the device came to know that it is being infected with browser virus named with Though it seem to be a newly released browser threat that is circulating with the aim to gather and to perform elicit operations on to your device. In case, if… Read Article →

canon cr2 file recovery

Canon is one of the most popular and widely used digital camera. It has received such an enormous praise from everyone due to of its advanced functionality, ease of use, style and high performance. Many of the Canon digital camera like EOS DSLR camera Models uses CRW and CR2 photo files which are also known as RAW image format or electronic negatives. You can get more information about RAW photos at, Well I am a camera geek and like┬áto capture each and every precious moments of my life in my Canon digital camera. As… Read Article →

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