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Now a day, in this technical era malware are becoming popular over world. Malware can not only affect your pc but now they are created to compromise android phones also. Thus, many people are facing unknown problems because of malware entry. Some threat researchers had found that problem is created by FLocker Mobile Ransomware. Actually, it is new types of threats that generally distribute through text messages. Threat researcher’s report reveals that it has been developed in may 2015 and is known by another name called ANDROIDOS_FLOCKER. Researchers at norton security community said that, Its… Read Article →

Recently, I was searching in my Google search engine and suddenly a pop-up came on my Android phone as Error Code: B4259F Pop-Ups-virus, and immediately my device start performing weirdly. It hit into my phone and close all my recent websites, and cleared all my searches. I was quite sure that something went wrong on my device, and I was unable to remove this virus completely from my Android phone. Someone please help me out!!! Image Source:-

Now a days Windows users are seeking solution to prevent their system software from being crashed by this Ransom:Win32/Exxroute.A virus. This newly released system thereat is being circulating globally with intention to perform illegal or unpleasant operations through targeted computer. Victimized users has complained that after invasion of this dreadful infection on Windows their installed software get corrupted automatically, they are experiencing inaccessibility, weird system performance many unexpected troubles during launching security program on computer.

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