The Best 5 iPhone Apps To Download Now

Just pick up a new iPhone? Or simply have an afternoon to burn and download few toys? There are some must have iPhone apps for you. By now, you have got your go-to apps on your iPhone. But, if you have wondering that what to add next to get the most out of that shiny Apple device, just take a look through to get the detailed information on best 5 iPhone apps.

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Here The Best 5 iPhone Apps For You

  • Waze

Best 5 iPhone Apps

Whether you are a big drive or just going on a long road trip, you should check out the Waze. The apps know that how fast users are traveling on the road and reroutes you around the traffic mid-trip and ultimately shortening your commute. However, Waze is a popular app among the best 5 iPhone apps which the  tracks more than just the traffic and it also alerts you to accidents, construction, red-light cameras, and even police which is ahead on your route.

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  • Inbox by Gmail

Best 5 iPhone Apps

Just get control over your Gmail account by using Inbox by Gmail app on your iPhone. This app organizes your mailbox which is based on the types of messages you receive and making it easy to quickly locate an emails when you need them. You can view an information like pictures, delivery order updates, reservation details, and flight statuses without even opening a message. The Snooze feature lets you to tell Inbox to remind you about a particular email later on.

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Most Important: The user of iPhone may lose data and files that have been deleted mistakenly from their iPhone. User may lose their personal and sensitive data due to accidental or the memory card may be corrupted due to virus attack. Therefore, in order to keep your data protected, you need to made a backup, so that you can restore the lost data and files by using backup. Users can use iTunes and iCloud to backup their data. However, iTunes have some some drawback and have some compatible issues with the devices. One of the main drawback of iTunes are that it can not be installed in more than 5 computers. Therefore, if you want to backup your data and files, you can use iPhone Backup Software which is compatible with Mac OS as well as Windows based opearting system.

  • Cash

Best 5 iPhone Apps

Splitting a bar tab with the friends that can be a huge pain, especially when no one thought to bring cash along with them. Cash is an app by Square which instantly transfers money between the friends, for free, even between different banks or branches. Using this app requires everyone to involved sign up and connect their debit card. Afterward, you can pay your friends back instantly with just a few taps on your iPhone. In most of the cases, the money automatically deposits onto your buddy’s bank account and it is instantly accessible. At most, they will have to wait 1 to 2 business days for the deposit to clear.

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  • Photoshop Fix

Best 5 iPhone Apps

You do not need a PC to access some popular Photoshop features. Photoshop Fix app brings some of Adobe’s world-class retouching and the restoration features to your iPhone, including lighten, liquify, smooth, paint and heal. If you are a Creative Cloud customer, then you can send images from your iPhone directly to your desktop from this app to refine them ever further.

Uber or Lyft

Best 5 iPhone Apps

At some point you are going to need a cab and there just won’t be any in the sight. Save yourself some time now and go ahead to download Uber or its competitor Lyft. Both apps are operating in the major cities and few not-so-major ones and will come pick you up whenever and wherever you need them, often for less cash than a traditional taxi. Watch out for the surge pricing, though. If the rides are in high demand then the prices are often double, and can reach more than 10 times their regular rate.

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Well, we hope that this article helped you to find the best 5 iPhone apps in order to download several apps on your iPhone.

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