Be Careful of FLocker Mobile Ransomware : Can Take Control of Your Android Device

FLocker Mobile Ransomware

Now a day, in this technical era malware are becoming popular over world. Malware can not only affect your pc but now they are created to compromise android phones also. Thus, many people are facing unknown problems because of malware entry. Some threat researchers had found that problem is created by FLocker Mobile Ransomware. Actually, it is new types of threats that generally distribute through text messages. Threat researcher’s report reveals that it has been developed in may 2015 and is known by another name called ANDROIDOS_FLOCKER. Researchers at norton security community said that, Its developer are continuously rewriting the coding malware to avoid from being detected. The motive behind rewriting the coding is not only to prevent from detection but also to improve malicious task. Police Trojan is its latest variant which present to be US Cyber Police or Law enforcement agency that will accuses potential victims of crime that they haven’t committed. 200 USD is asked by the malware that is worth of iTunes gift cards.

Over more that Lakh of Android devices have been infected with FLocker Mobile Ransomware. This infection arrive on mobile device with SMS that are delivered from unknown people or malicious links. This FLocker Mobile Ransomware malware get active when you open any game to play and can take control of your mobile. You should keep in mind that this malware may move from one device to another may be through blue-tooth and automatically get installed on device without taking permission and notifying you. This ransomware use to hide its codes in .html files into the assets folder that seems as normal file. Once launched, it first of all check if the device is located in Eastern European countries like Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus. When it reaches the compatible target it will wait for 30 min period after infecting the device. After then, it initiate providing services in the background that later request for privileges of admin. In fact it is trick to bypass dynamic sandbox and if you deny the request your device screen will be freezes. Actually it runs in the background and will gather data like device information, phone number, contacts, real time locations etc to encrypt them with hard-coded AES key. Hence, you should wary while browsing internet or at the time you receive messages and email from unknown sources. You may also learn more about such mobile mawlare at,

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