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canon cr2 file recovery

Canon is one of the most popular and widely used digital camera. It has received such an enormous praise from everyone due to of its advanced functionality, ease of use, style and high performance. Many of the Canon digital camera like EOS DSLR camera Models uses CRW and CR2 photo files which are also known as RAW image format or electronic negatives. You can get more information about RAW photos at, Well I am a camera geek and like┬áto capture each and every precious moments of my life in my Canon digital camera. As… Read Article →

Canon is one of the most popular brands in digital camera and it is running from a long term. There are a number of canon digital camera has been launched with latest features and technology. As you know how the importance of photos are increasing in our life. In some situations we lost our important pictures due to various reasons. If you are using Canon digital camera and suffering from image missing or lost situations, then don’t worry, because Canon Digital Camera Pictures Recovery is now Possible with Cr2 Recovery Software that has been launched… Read Article →

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