Fix Virus Infection in Android Device Without a Factory Reset [2016]

remove virus from your android mobile

As we all know, Android OS is the most popular OS for smartphones in the world. There are million and million people are using android device. Everyday thousands of android mobile apps being developed, some of them are very useful and rest are useless, has only one goal to earn profits by infecting your android device. Unknown source apps play very important role in infecting android smartphones. If your phone is already infected you have two option either you need to do factory reset and loss your data or you can save your personal data and system settings by following our safe and quick removal guide.

We’ve simple steps for removing virus from your android device without a factory reset. Kindly follow these steps carefully.


  • Install A Security App: Download an Antivirus app and perform a full system scan in your infected device so that Antivirus can find harmful virus which is inside your android device. There are so many Antivirus apps are available in android apps market but we suggest you to download it from Google Play Store. You can download Antivirus app for your android device for free. Let Antivirus scan your system and delete infected files. This is a very simple step for securing your device from harmful viruses.

    You can also scan your infected android device and remove viruses by connecting to your PC. It will scan your internal and external memory to find out virus infection and also help you to fix it immediately.

    safe mode

  • Reboot To Safe Mode: If Antivirus couldn’t remove viruses completely from your android phone and your problem isn’t fixed, you can erase virus files by rebooting your phone in to safe mode. For rebooting your device into safe mode you need to press and hold power button until don’t see power off/ reboot screen and then again hold the power button until you get a “ reboot to safe mode “ prompt, Tap ‘OK’ to reboot your android device into safe mode. Once safe mode is activated it will automatically delete harmful files or viruses from your device and your device will be safe again.

    apps manager

Note – You can also install a powerful anti-virus application on your PC and scan your phone by connecting it through data cable. You can scan your entire phone memory along with external memory and remove all harmful threats easily.

  • Find Apps Manager: It might be also located as simply ‘Apps’ or “Installed Apps” inside ‘Settings’ menu, do not forget it. After finding “Apps Manager” tap on downloaded apps to see which apps are added to your android device. You can uninstall/remove suspicious apps which you haven’t installed or if you know the name of infected app, you can simply find it and delete it.


  • Deactivate Admin Status: If virus has obtained admin status you may not be able to uninstall virus from your device because ‘uninstall’ button might be grayed. If you’re facing the same problem, you should open Settings—>Security—>Device Administrator, there you can see the list of apps with admin status. You have to uncheck the box of that app which you’re going to uninstall. This process will deactivate the admin status for that app and then you can uninstall that harmful app.

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