Few days before, Bitdefender (a Romanian Security Software Developer Company) published details about a newly identified Android ransomware known as Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ that locks mobile screen and display fake FBI warning to the victims to pay a huge ransom fee around $500. About Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ ramsomware The ransomware is being promoted on mostly on porn websites and compromised websites as an Flash Player update and mobile users install it on android smartphones as a video player to watch HD movies. Their smartphones get infected immediately with Android.Trojan.Slocker.Dzand when the victims try to run the video player, the… Read Article →

This is the world of technologies, where every single person is using either one or more than one devices like smartphone, laptop, tablet or mobile. They use it everyday in their lives. I know you also own a device so that you are able to visit our site and reading the article, don’t you? I guess, you must know criminal hackers are taking advantages of our casualties. They have created a huge numbers of virus and tricks to infect our devices for their own personal benefits. So, we just can’t stop them, I guess none… Read Article →

Pokémon GO downloaded from non-official stores infects Android devices with destructive virus-Keep Your PHONE Safe Pokémon GO is one of the most popular mobile game but it is not yet officially available worldwide. So the people are downloading it from official and even from non official stores. Many people still don’t know that malicious copies of Pokemon GO have been found by Proofpoint (an online security company). They found an Android application package of Pokemon GO was bundled with malicious software. Infected copies that is downloaded from non-official stores would give Cyber criminals a remote… Read Article →

Now a day, in this technical era malware are becoming popular over world. Malware can not only affect your pc but now they are created to compromise android phones also. Thus, many people are facing unknown problems because of malware entry. Some threat researchers had found that problem is created by FLocker Mobile Ransomware. Actually, it is new types of threats that generally distribute through text messages. Threat researcher’s report reveals that it has been developed in may 2015 and is known by another name called ANDROIDOS_FLOCKER. Researchers at norton security community said that, https://community.norton.com/en/blogs/security-covered-norton/flocker-ransomware-now-targeting-big-screen-android-smart-tvs. Its… Read Article →

Tips To Repair Corrupted PST Files Hola, He estado usando mi Outlook desde hace mucho tiempo y es un destacado. Sin embargo, anoche he descargado un juego de carreras y empecé a jugar el juego. Funcionó bien al principio, pronto se bloqueó la aplicación y dejó de funcionar. Mientras tanto, la aplicación de Outlook también se abrió en el fondo. Después de un tiempo me di cuenta de que los archivos PST de Outlook ha ido corrompido de mi ordenador. Así que chicos, ¿hay alguna manera de reparar archivos de Outlook PST archivos, si alguien… Read Article →

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