How To Recover Deleted Files After Emptying Trash Of Mac

Mac is one of the best operating system which has been developed by Apple Inc. There are many versions of Mac which are available such as Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger “ , Mac OS X v10.1, ,Mac OS X v10.0 ,”Cheetah”Mac OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard “ etc . It comes with several advanced features and user-friendly interface. It proides space to save huge amount of files, data, documents, Images etc. It allows the users to store their files in systematic and well organized manner. Sometimes, users accidentally deletes their important files while accessing them. Once the files gets deleted, it directly goes to Trash folder (Trash is just like Recycle Bin of the Windows). Trash folder keeps the data or files deleted by the users from the hard drive. It is not a big deal, users can easily restore the files from the Trash. But can you imagine a situation, if your files gets deleted from Trash then how will you restore it?

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Need Help! I have accidentally deleted my important project from the hard drive. I tapped Shift+Del keys together so it is not available in the Trash folder also. It is extremely important for me. Is there any ways to restore the permanently deleted files from the Mac OS X? All the suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Data loss is one of the common problem for the users either from Mobile phones, PC, Laptops, Mcs OS X, Android etc. There are many reasons responsible for the file deletion from the hard drive. Some of the common points are mentioned below:-

  • Malfunctioning of the installed softwares.
  • Unexpected shut down of the system.
  • Failure of the hard disk.
  • Damage of file due to virus infection.
  • Pressing Delete key Accidentally.
  • Careless Formatting of the drive.

Once the file gets deleted, you will not be able to view them. At the time of accessing teh corrupted files, users may get unstoppable error messages or warning alerts. Some of the common messages are given below:-

  • Unable to complete the request.
  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.
  • File does not exists in the memory.
  • Unexpected error.
  • Selected file is damaged.

You need to know that when any file gets deleted then you should follow the points which are given below. It will increase the chance to restore the files deleted from the Trash folder also.

  • Try to avoid using the hard drive.
  • Don’t store any file in the same volume.
  • Don’t install new applications in the system.

There are lots of data recovery software available in the market which carries ability to restore the damaged, corrupted or even permanently deleted files in easiest way. You can select the best tool to get back your important data.

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