Reddit launches its first official Reddit apps for iOS and Android

Reddit apps for iOS and Android, Reddit officially confirmed that they are launching there first ever apps for Android and iOS. However, only few users of the selected countries can able to download this apps like US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Other countries users can also download this new apps but they have to wait for few more months. Reddit is a news website, entertainment platform, social news networking service in which enrolled association member can submit their content, such as direct links and text posts. This type of content make it a essential online bulletin board system. Mainly the content that is classified by the ares of interest usually known as “subreddits” . The topic in subreddit includes gaming, movies, news, books, music, food, fitness, and sharing, and there are any other topics. As per the growing requirement of the apps the company are going to launched Reddit apps for iOS and Android

File Size
Supporting Versions
6.6 MB
4.03 and up
500,000 – 1,000,000


For last few years Alien Blue, was only official apps of Reddit for iOS users and now it been removed from the Apps Store of iOS. The cost paid version of this apps will only available and one who have installed this apps in their phone can use it. Alien Blue is a Reddit browsing application.

As per the news the VP of Reddit say, We have learned so much from our Alien Blue impassioned community about what makes a great app for iOS and Android and apply these learnings in developing Reddit apps for iOS and Android,” Alex Le, vice president of consumer product Reddit. Beacuse of limited resources, we decided to focus our efforts on Reddit for iOS our main official client for Reddit apps. The company have feel to prove a duty to deliver a Reddit experience for our consumers – people who love Reddit and may not live without it, says Le. But the ecosystem at third parties has been really impressive so there is always gonna be third-party software to Reddit. But he said the Reddit finds itself as a “guardian” of sorts on how millions of Redditors are out there to use the site. Therefore, I wanted to create something that could try to meet everyone’s needs.

File Size
Supporting Versions
6.4 MB
iOS 7.1 0r Later


Service fans, myself included, has depended for a long period on Alien Blue a robust application. But then last fall bought Reddit Alien Blue and in February cleared the App Store. Today, it is replacing blue alien with gleaming, official Reddit apps for iOS and Android, that are particularly colorful and simple. The company said it initially planned to reform foreign blue, but found that the project was too big of a company and decided to start from scratch. Reddit new applications are seen as improved versions of the blue alien, with design adjustments and iconography that make the experience feel less like a smaller version of the desktop site and as a single destination. Software preservatives its popular predecessors night mode for displaying Reddit in low light. But also rethinks how you can surf the avalanche of content Reddit on a phone screen. There is a new “speed reading” button that lets you quickly navigate long discussions, winding like Ask Me Anything session. Applications also better serve active users with faster and easier ways to drop the links, text or photos and check their account activity. There is another good reason to use new applications: You get three months free gold Reddit this week when they download and log in to your account. Reddit Gold is a paid supplement that gets rid of ads in applications and on-site Reddit, lets you create a personalized avatar and many other features.

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