How to Remove Android.Trojan.SLocker.DZ -Android ransomware

Few days before, Bitdefender (a Romanian Security Software Developer Company) published details about a newly identified Android ransomware known as Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ that locks mobile screen and display fake FBI warning to the victims to pay a huge ransom fee around $500.

Android.Trojan.SLocker.DZ-virus 111

About Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ ramsomware

The ransomware is being promoted on mostly on porn websites and compromised websites as an Flash Player update and mobile users install it on android smartphones as a video player to watch HD movies. Their smartphones get infected immediately with Android.Trojan.Slocker.Dzand when the victims try to run the video player, the device and its contents get encrypted and locked and a fake FBI warning appears, containing warning message that victims have violated the law by accessing sites with pornographic content or used some copyrighted content. Malicious attackers demand $500 ransom must be paid via BitCoin, PayPal, My Cash or MoneyPak. If victims don’t pay on the given time or they try to unlock files and device themselves, the ransom fee increases up to $1,500.

Even, more than 15,000 spam emails have been detected containing the malicious download originating on servers in Ukraine, said Bitdefender researchers. Criminal hackers have also “added photo captures of so-called historic sites previously visited” for making the hack seem to be legitimate as well .

Most Significant Symptoms

  • Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ disables smartphone’s “home” and “back” buttons. powering down and restarting the device won’t make any changes.

  • You may find your files are encrypted and made inaccessible by Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ ransomware.

  • Your smartphone screen may be locked, contain FAKE FBI warnings

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How to uninstall Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ ransomware?

You can uninstall Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ from your android smartphone by following one the two given methods:

  • Smartphone with the Android Data Cable enabled can manually uninstall the malicious app.

  • Victims can also try starting the device in “Safe Boot mode” (pressing and holding Volume Down and Power button continuously), which runs a minimal Android configuration and should allow time for the user to uninstall the malware manually.

How to protect your smartphone against Android.Trojan.Slocker.DZ ransomware infection?

However, Bitdefender researchers also mentioned that prevention is a key to avoiding smartphone security threats.

  • You should never install unknown apps and apps from non-official stores as well.

  • Back up data on the cloud or on an external device.

  • Scan smartphones with anti-malware often avoid risky browsing behaviour and use a spam filter to reduce the possibility of clicking or downloading malicious content.

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